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Tsukiyono Omi
Hello and welcome. This is a RP journal for Omi Tsukiyono, specifically for aegis_weiss. Interested parties should visit and read the story, and apply for one of the open roles if they so choose. Anyone who wishes to do so may friend me.

The posts to this journal will largely be private scenes; meaning, they'll be written in the same language as the rest of the game (third person past tense) but will not be playable. Plotwise, I will be doing my best to assure that none of these scenes are completely vital to the rest of the game, and are more of a 'bonus' to whomever reads this journal.

On commenting: players should note that, as journal RP-ing takes place in the main journal only, it's best not to respond to any of these scenes in character (unless it's a joke, of course). Wouldn't do to end up scening in this journal where other players who aren't friended here yet can't see it. Plus, they're private, and thus it is generally assumed that there's no one else around to interact with Omi. Aside from this, any other comments are fine. Whether you want to talk to me or someone else, comment on a scene, chat back and forth about nothing in particular, ask a question or just say "meet me on AIM at 7:30," go for it. I'm not picky about where you comment, either, so feel free to reply to my most recent post. (Yes, this includes non-players as well.)

Thank you for visiting. Don't mind the mess.